Blanket Services

I take proud in making sure that your items are clean in every way by taking the extra time and paying attention to detail.  Each item is  cold water washed, double rinsed and line dried.  A concentrated, water based, low suds formula is used that is specifically for equine items. It deep cleans, eliminates odours, is gentle on waterproofed, high-tech fabrics, earth-friendly and biodegradable.  Velcro strips are cleaned from debris and frayed or loose threads are burnt off.  Waterproofing is another important service I  can do to ensure your horse stays dry.  Extra charges will be applied to items needing extra time to clean (manure, excessive hair removal, stains, mold, urine).


I can clean a number of other items such as, saddle pads, horse boots, wraps, chaps, halters, etc.  please call for pricing.

All repairs are based on complexity, material/hardware needed and time required. I try to do the repairs in the most cost effective way for you. If you are particular about colour matching thread and material, please let me know and I will make sure to do so.  if you are concerned about cost, please talk to me ahead of time and we cam discuss it further. 



We all have a collection of stuff that doesn’t get used anymore and what do you do with it?  Where can you take it?  Trying to sell things privately can be a hassle, frustrating and time consuming with no luck that it will sell. Consignment is a great way to recycle outgrown or no longer needed equipment, clothing, tack, jewellery, antiques, collectibles and anything that is equine related.  We accept all items for horse and rider of all disciplines that are in good condition, clean and ready for resale.  We make it easy to sell your items without the troubles and put money back in your pocket.  Simply, we let you determine the price, the term is for six months and the fees are reasonable. We do offer a five day trial on saddles that makes it easier for a potential buyer to ensure proper fit.  So clean out the tack room, go through the trailer, barn and don’t forget the garage!  You will be surprised with the things that you haven’t used in a while or forgot you even had.

Item Sourcing


Is there something that you are looking for? Can’t find an item in other stores? Just give us a call. We just might have it in store.  We also provide special ordering on tack, apparel, equipment, etc.  If you are having a difficult time finding an item or found an item to be expensive, we have a variety of supplies that we work with and can definitely help you end the search.  We are here to offer assistance and save you money along the way.


Clipper & Blade Services


Make sure your clippers are ready to go when you need them.  We work with Cutting Edge Mobile Service, a local independent company.  Simply drop off your clippers and/or blades at the store.  John is very reasonable and fair.  If you are looking for blades, clippers or supplies, he has a huge selection at great prices.